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Insects on carpet.Located in Cleveland Heights OH, we are the insect control company that will get rid of any creepy crawlies that are ruining your day. With 30 years years of experience, we have honed our professional abilities to incredible levels. Our reputable business is held in high regard amongst the general public, because they have witnessed the quality of our services firsthand. Whenever you need bed bug remova, or termites exterminating we will do it in a swift and efficient way! Here are few of the pests we can take care of for you:

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Lewis Exterminating is known in the Cleveland Heights OH area for its incredible attention to detail. Prior to any pest control service, our highly trained specialists will inspect all the affected areas in your residence, in order to find out the origin of the infestation. Our insect control professionals then will take all the necessary measures, needed for removing any pesky insects. Exterminating any left over insects is important as well, because we wouldn’t want them to find a new place where they can create a new lair.

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With larger animals, we use other methods in order to remove them from your premises. Exterminating them is not an option, because it’s not humane. They are animals like squirrels, snakes, possums, etc. We use traps and special methods to capture the animals, and release them in to the wild – far away from any inhabited area. Any pest service we perform, is done so with high quality products and materials, in order to ensure maximum efficiency. We achieve impeccable results in a swift and timely manner, so do not hesitate to contact us!

As a reputable pest control contractor, Lewis Exterminating advises folks in Cleveland Heights OH to refrain from performing any animal or pest service on their own. The reason for this, is that many insects have poisonous stings, which are known to affect people with severe allergies. Medium sized rodents and animals are known for transferring diseases from scratches and bites. This is why the best course of action is to contact our animal and insect control specialists. They are properly qualified, and prepared to deliver the pest control you need.

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Aug 15, 2013 by Stephen Williams

My house was full of cockroaches - no matter what sprays I bought, we could never get rid them. Lewis Exterminating has performed miracles - thank you for ...
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If you need a high quality pest control service, you shouldn’t hire freelancers. The reason for this, is that amateurs often overlook many important details, and the results they provide are short-lived. Before you know it, pesky insects will start to bother you again – without delay. If you want a long lasting results, and the reassurance that you can feel safe in your home, then our professionals will have to address you issue. Receive the quality service you want!

All pest control services offered by our company come at affordable prices – you don’t have to worry about your home budget. If you call the phone number listed below, our associates will provide you with full information on al of our prices and services.

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